The annual Sun Valley Forum accelerates solutions for an equitable, secure and thriving world

The Sun Valley Institute’s sixth annual Sun Valley Forum will gather 300 leaders and innovators, trailblazers and changemakers from across the globe to accelerate solutions for an equitable, secure and thriving world. From beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho, the Forum turns risk into opportunity by surfacing innovative strategies and sparking collaborations to tackle some of the most urgent issues challenging our times. With a track record of results, we’re passionate about the possible, innovating from Idaho to unlock solutions with material impact.

Since 2015, the Sun Valley Forum has convened a collaborative community of government and business leaders, innovators, and communicators with a focus on high-leverage topics for impact, such as clean energy, food and agriculture, impact investment, and public engagement.

We hope you will join us in shaping this powerful gathering of action to forge our future, together.

The Magic of the Sun Valley Forum

“Having participated in this event last year, we witnessed the level of thought leadership among attendees and are really looking forward to participating this year.” – Michael Cohen, President, Cypress Creek Renewables, Forum Presenting Sponsor 2018

“The Forum is a unique gathering of thought leaders, changemakers and educators, all ready to take action. We recognize that, whatever sector we represent, the issues of resiliency and sustainability are critical to our survival.” – Julie Shafer Davitz, Head of Philanthropy & Purpose Investment, BNP Paribas / Bank of the West, Forum Sponsor 2016, 2017, and 2018

“The program was excellent, the attendance and enthusiam were impressive and you thought of everything…The Institute is a tremendous idea, and the focus on resilience really resonates with me right now.” – Silda Wall Spitzer, Forum Speaker 2016

“It was a totally amazing event. The best part of it is the eclectic mix of people you’re so good at gathering together. Honored and grateful to be part of it.” – Jeff Goodell, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone, Forum Speaker 2015, 2017, and 2018

“There may be no greater concern for investors than climate risk, yet very few have begun taking the next step – consideration about resilience. The Sun Valley Institute is pioneering this discussion like no other. Having attended the conference I highly recommend it to any forward-thinking impact investor. Plus, it is a lot of fun!” – Dana Lanza, CEO and Co-Founder, Confluence Philanthropy, Forum Speaker and Partner