Global Leaders and Innovators Arrive in Sun Valley for the Third Annual Sun Valley Forum on Resilience

Includes Free Public Tours of Electricity Microgrid Demonstration

SUN VALLEY, IDAHO, July 5, 2017—The Sun Valley Institute kicks off the third annual Sun Valley Forum on Resilience, July 5 evening through Friday, July 7 at the Limelight Hotel in Ketchum, Idaho. This year’s Forum theme is “Building Resilient Prosperity: the Power of Nature, Technology & Community in a Changing World.” Leaders and innovators from government, corporations, academia, media, and social advocacy are gathering to talk about how they are solving some of the world’s most complex challenges.

The premier event of the Sun Valley Institute, each year the Sun Valley Forum gathers approximately 200-250 national and international leaders and innovators from investment, policy, business, nonprofits, sports and entertainment and academia, as well as local leaders, visitors, and residents with a goal of building greater resilience.

“In a time of rapid environmental, economic, political and social change, the Forum galvanizes action toward more resilient prosperity across communities, business, and investments, bringing leaders together to share strategies and ignite new partnerships,” said Aimee Christensen, founder of the Sun Valley Institute and the Sun Valley Forum. “We all have the opportunity to take action, and this year we will be inspired by explorers and innovators, informed by experts and leaders, and together will work to strengthen our societies. We are particularly excited to be showcasing, in partnership with innovators EnerBlü and Iteros, a fully functioning standalone solar hybrid electricity microgrid.”

EnerBlu, Inc. (EnerBlü) and Iteros, Inc. (Iteros) will be presenting a collaborative solution for integrating and orchestrating large-scale energy storage systems and other distributed energy resources (DERs) from July 5-8, 2017, during the Sun Valley Forum. The tours are free and open to the public at Ketchum’s Forest Service Park, just across the street from the Limelight Hotel.

The EnerBlu and Iteros teams will be educating Forum guests and the Sun Valley community about building energy resilience utilizing the companies’ respective hardware and software technologies in a “hands-on” Microgrid Lab. Daniel Elliott, EnerBlu’s CEO stated, “The quality of the people and their intimate level of understanding of the challenges ahead of us constitute the perfect venue to bolster the fact that transformational power generation systems and innovative clean vehicles are viable solutions that can impact tomorrow’s future today, and empower consumers to create cleaner, sustainable communities not only in the United States but also in countries that are in the process of building their infrastructure.”

Nestled in the beautiful Wood River Valley and surrounded by five mountain ranges, Forum participants will learn and find inspiration while connecting on nature trails, by the river and around the dining table. Content and ideas will be shared with essential audiences through media representatives’ participation and filming of the event.

The Forum is open to the public and remaining tickets are available for purchase at registration with more information available at: Scholarships are also available.
2017 Sun Valley Forum Schedule
July 5: Opening Reception & Dinner
July 6-7: Forum Sessions
July 5-7: Micro Grid Tours
(July 5: 4:30pm-8pm, July 6: 9am-7pm, July 7: 9am-7pm)
July 8: Adventure Day

Please see the complete Program online for more information on daily topics and speakers.

Over 60 nationally recognized speakers are presenting at this year’s Forum including:

Rocky Barker – Author & Journalist, The Idaho Statesman
Rob Bernard – Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft
Matthew Bishop – Senior Editor, The Economist Group, Co-Founder, Social Progress Index
Mike Brune – Executive Director, Sierra Club
Alison Carlson – Founder & Chair, Forsythia Foundation
Aimee Christensen – Founder, Sun Valley Institute; CEO, Christensen Global Strategies
Michael Cohen – CEO, Cypress Creek Renewables
Shelley Cohen – CEO, Alpha Solar Group/EnerBlu Grid Services
JC Danilovich – Director of Product Development, NatureVest
Gary Dirks, Director – Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute on Sustainability, Arizona State University
Daryn Dodson – Managing Director, Illumen Capital
Sarah Doll – National Director, Safer States
Lexi Dupont – Adventure Athlete & Environmentalist
Nicholas Eisenberger – Managing Partner, Pure Energy Partners
Leif Elgethun – CEO & Co-Founder, Retrolux
Daniel Elliot – CEO, Enerblu
Tony Tekaroniake Evans – Author & Journalist, A History of Indians in the Sun Valley Area
Hillary S. Franz – Commissioner of Public Lands, State of Washington
S. David Freeman – Engineer, Attorney & Author
Mark George – Founder & President, Accord Capital Management
Steve Glenn – Founder & Managing Director, Living Homes; Founder & CEO, Plant Prefab
Jeff Goodell – Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone
Meade Harris – Founder & CEO, The Hawthorn Club
Adrian Horotan – General Partner, Safer Made
Peter Horton – Writer, Director & Actor, Pico Creek Productions
Kristin Hull – Founder & CEO, Nia Impact Advisors
Sumer Johal – Founder, Agralogics
Sydney McNiff Johnson – Senior Advisor, Dentons Global Energy Practice
Nina Jonas, Mayor of Ketchum
Paulette Jordan – Idaho House Representative; Former Member, Coeur D’Alene Tribal Council
Greg Kandankulam – Sustainable Energy Strategist, NRG
Jay Koh – Founder, Lightsmith Group
Michelle Lapinski – Vice President, The Earth Genome
Dr. Phillip Landrigan, MD, MSC, FAAP, DIH – Dean for Global Health, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Michael Leach – CEO, Aquabella
Dr. Renee Lertzman – Psychologist
Ali Long – Director, Local Food Alliance
Liz McCartney – The St. Bernard Project (SBP)
James McMahon – Founding CEO, The Collider
Langely McNeal – Director of Community, Summit Series
Eileen Mockus – CEO, Coyuchi
Jake Moe – Founder, Powder Magazine
Nancy Pfund – Founder & Managing Partner, DBL Partners
Dr. Phil Polakoff, MD, MPH, MENVSC – Consulting Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine
CEO, A Healthier Me
Sam Polk – Co-founder & CEO, Everytable
Raúl Pomares – Founder, Sonen Capital
Lila Preston – Partner, Generation Investment Management
Suzanne Price – Founder & CEO, Sprout
Howard Pyle – Senior Vice President of Customer Experience & Design MetLife
Cass Redstone – Co-Founder, Gender Smart
Rui Resendes – President & CEO, FireRein
Geof Rochester – Manager Director, The Nature Conservancy
Zack Rosenburg – The St. Bernard Project (SBP)
Sara Sanford – Co-Founder, Gender Smart
Laurel Sayer – President & CEO, Midas Gold Idaho, Inc.
Astrid Scholz – CEO, Sphaera
Louie Schwartzberg – Award-winning Cinematographer Director & Producer
Julie Shafer – Head of Purpose Investments, Bank of the West / BNP Paribas
P.J. Simmons – Chairman & Co-Founder, Corporate Eco Forum
Russell Sparkman – CEO Content Strategy, FusionSpark Media
Bill Stoddart – Founder, HomeStake Venture Partners
Eamonn Store – Founder & CEO, FairShare
Robert Swan (OBE) – Polar Traveler, Foundation 2041
Raina Thiele – Founder & Principal Consultant, Thiele Strategies LLC
Sanjay Wagle – Lightsmith Group
Paul Walsh – Director, Weather Strategy, IBM Global Business Services / The Weather Company
Jonathan Webb – Founder & CEO, AppHarvest
Freya Williams – CEO, North America, Futerra; Author, Green Giants
Tim Willink – Director of Tribal Programs, Grid Alternatives
Jennifer Worrall – CEO, Iteros
Julie Ann Wrigley – President & CEO, Wrigley Investments, LLC and President, Julie Ann Wrigley Foundation
Steve Wysmuller – The Weather Company

The Sun Valley Forum is presented by the Sun Valley Institute, founded in the spring of 2015. Its mission is to ensure the prosperity and quality of life in the Wood River Valley, and to serve as a resource for communities everywhere.
The Forum is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors and partners:
Cypress Creek Renewables, Bank of the West & BNP Paribas, Sonen, Capital8minutenergy, Microsoft, Nia Global Solutions, Idaho National Laboratory, EnerBlü, EnerBlu Iteros, Eye on Sun Valley, MetLife, Midas Gold, Accord Capital Management, Altenergy, Aquabella, Safer Made, Bex Wilkinson, RBC Wealth Management, Vyykn

The Sun Valley Institute advances resilience through policy leadership, public engagement and investments to ensure economic prosperity, environmental protection and human wellbeing in its home community of Idaho’s Wood River Valley and beyond. Sun Valley leaders founded the Institute in the spring of 2015 to protect and enhance local quality of place for future generations of residents and visitors alike, and to serve as a resource for communities everywhere. From the original Native American inhabitants to the miners and ranchers of the valley’s early days, from the Union Pacific engineers who built the world’s first chairlift to those who challenge themselves in its mountains and rivers today, Sun Valley is about history and tradition, grit and perseverance, well-being and quality of life. The risks, assets, and values of Sun Valley make it the perfect home for an institute dedicated to resilience. For more information, please visit: and follow the Institute on Twitter @SunValleyInst and Facebook at