“I cannot thank you enough for including me in the Forum!  WOW. What an experience! Really can’t wait for next year!” – Julie Shafer, Bank of the West

“Great conference and a very fun crowd! Thank you so much for the invitation!”
– David Richardson, SNW

“I am so honored to be part of this community you’ve gathered here.”
– Rick Saines, Baker & McKenzie

“There may be no greater concern for investors than climate risk, yet very few have begun taking the next step – consideration about resilience. The Sun Valley Institute is pioneering this discussion like no other. Having attended the conference I highly recommend it to any forward-thinking impact investor. Plus, is a lot of fun!”   Dana Lanza, CEO, Confluence Philanthropy

“A small seed will be planted on Sunday. The seed is the gathering of the fledgling Sun Valley Institute for Resilience when it launches its first ever Sun Valley Forum on Resilience with keynote speaker U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J. With its inspirational wilderness backdrop, the Sun Valley area is the perfect place for people to try to find workable strategies and real-world action plans to enable our human species to continue to live on this blue planet without destroying the very systems that sustain us. We hope Sunday’s seed grows into a very large and healthy tree.””

– Idaho Mountain Express editorial, July 10, 2015


“Thank you so much for including me among the speakers for the Forum…The program was excellent, the attendance and enthusiasm were impressive and you thought of everything…The Institute is a tremendous idea, and the focus on Resilience really resonates with me right now.”
– Silda Wall Spitzer

“Congratulations on pulling off the second annual one with such style and quality. I was honored to be a participant, and had a very good time.  I met scads of interesting people, both on stage and off, and participated in meaningful and even enlightening conversations. Thanks so much for making this all possible.”
– Bob Hemphill


“What a great forum!  I really enjoyed meeting all the wonderful folks you’re able to bring together. 
I came away energized, motivated (and more than a bit overwhelmed!).”
– John Gardner, BSU

“Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful summit—the quality of people and ideas you brought together was simply incredible. I’ve been to many a conference and everyone would be envious of what you are accomplishing!”
– Alex Cornell du Houx, Operation Free