Mark Mykleby is the co-director of the Strategic Innovation Lab at Case Western Reserve University. Mykleby was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps following his graduation from the US Naval Academy in 1987. Designated as a qualified F/A-18 pilot in December 1990, he served in five fleet fighter squadrons from January 1991 to May 2006, executing numerous land based and ship borne deployments to the European, Pacific, and Southwest Asian theaters in support of Operations PROVIDE PROMISE, DENY FLIGHT, SOUTHERN WATCH, ENDURING FREEDOM, and IRAQI FREEDOM. In June 2007, Mykleby was assigned to the US Special Operations Command where he developed strategy for Special Operations Forces. From July 2009 until April 2011, he served as a special strategic assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In that capacity, he co-authored with Navy Captain Wayne Porter A National Strategic Narrative, a concept and vision for a 21st Century grand strategy for the nation. Mykleby retired from the Marine Corps in August 2011. From August 2011 until September 2014, he served as a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, working alongside Patrick Doherty to develop the framework for a new US grand strategy. In 2016, Mykleby, along with Patrick Doherty and Joel Makower, co-authored The New Grand Strategy: Restoring America’s Prosperity, Security and Sustainability in the 21st Century; a book that articulates a business plan for America, born in the Pentagon, that embeds sustainability as a national strategic imperative.