Dr. Stephanie Gripne loves masterminding a great sustainable real estate transaction as much as she loves teaching and researching the topic. She is thrilled to have found a home at the University of Denver that supports her passions. When she is solely teaching and doing research, she misses the thrill of helping engineer a great public benefit transaction, such as affordable housing or a conservation easement. When she is only doing deals, she craves teaching MBA students and conducting action research.

Dr. Gripne is Research Fellow, who researches, teaches, and develops transactions in the area impact investing and venture philanthropy at the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business. She is also the Founder of the Impact Finance Collaborative, a national impact investing think-do tank. Dr. Gripne is interviewing over 100 foundations that underpin her groundbreaking academic research project on program related investments and mission related investments.

Previously, Dr. Gripne was responsible for Operations of the Eco Products Fund LP, a $100 million private equity fund investing in ecosystem services such as biodiversity, carbon, wetlands, and water protection. Prior to the Eco Products Fund, Dr. Gripne worked for The Nature Conservancy of Colorado where she focused on conservation real estate and finance completing 13 transactions. She has 20 years of experience working in the natural resources arena for the USDA Forest Service, DOE Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Journal of Wildlife Management, the Bureau of Land Management, and several universities.