Globally, leaders are working to build a more prosperous, equitable and secure world, with recent agreement to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris climate change accord. At the same time, rapid environmental change and the highly dependent nature of the global economy have made resilience an imperative for government leaders, businesses, and communities. Resilience includes foresight, strength, adaptability, and innovation; we get ahead of risk and simultaneously  build opportunity.

This transformation is already happening in pockets of innovation by:
  • government leaders at the local, state, national and regional level;
  • businesses within their companies and without, throughout supply chains, in the communities where they operate, and in partnership with other companies;
  • investors, aligning their dollars with their values, finding ways to drive impact far beyond the bottom line; and
  • nonprofits and individuals, home-to-home, neighborhood-to-neighborhood, building the new models and shifting choices.

The Sun Valley Forum convenes these innovators to share successes and challenges and to build and spread approaches with speed and scale to support leaders everywhere to accelerate the transformation to a prosperous, equitable, thriving future.

Speakers focus on critical leverage points including shifting capital to invest for impact, corporate strategy, community wellbeing, public engagement, and communication, as well as sector-specific sessions on food, energy, water, natural system restoration and health.

Our audience of approximately 250 includes our speakers, who are innovators in investment, policy, business, nonprofits and academia from across the country and beyond.

“There may be no greater concern for investors than climate risk, yet very few have begun taking the next step – consideration about resilience. The Sun Valley Institute is pioneering this discussion like no other. Having attended the conference I highly recommend it to any forward-thinking impact investor. Plus, is a lot of fun!”

– Dana Lanza, CEO, Confluence Philanthropy
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The Location

The Forum will be held at the Argyros Theater.  Located in beautiful resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho, Forum participants will have access to spectacular outdoor activities including world-class hiking, fishing and biking, golf and tennis. We hope you can stay for Adventure Day to raft the stunning Salmon River or do any of the myriad activities available, or simply enjoy some R&R.