Dan Lutkenhouse Jr.


  • President and Executive Director at Hawai’i Tropical Bioreserve & Garden
  • Expanding HTBG’s mission to include sustainability education and a shift towards a more global/systems perspective
  • Pushing toward recognizing HTBG as a bioreserve and educational facility that reconnects people with nature
  • Encouraging a focus on sustainability with the Sustainable Development Goals as a guide

Dan Lutkenhouse Jr. is the President and Executive Director at Hawai’i Tropical Bioreserve & Garden (HTBG). As the son of the original HTBG Founder, Dan Luktenhouse Sr., he is passionate about reconnecting people with the natural world. HTBG’s mission is the conservation and preservation of biodiversity while also emphasizing the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As a bioreserve and world class international seed bank, HTBG helps protect and conserve many different types of ecosystems and endangered plants. Dan Luktenhouse Jr. has taken it upon himself to further expand HTBG’s role to include sustainability education, and he is pioneering new programs that incorporate place-based experiential education. Working alongside Arizona State University and the Sun Valley Institute, he hopes to bring place-based experiential learning online programs to other locations and organizations all around the world.