Robyn O’Brien has helped transform food corporations of every size, from startups to multinationals, in order to help them meet the changing needs of 21st century consumers. Recognized as one of the world’s most visionary voices in the food industry, she is the Vice President of rePlant Capital, an impact investment firm, deploying integrated capital from soil to shelf in order to reverse climate change. The rePlant team is leveraging philanthropic capital to transform the food and agricultural systems, investing in deep impact opportunities, focused on reversing climate change, while supporting American farmers.  

Robyn was a founding team member of of AIM/Invesco’s first hedge fund of $100+ million and a team member on their $20 billion Constellation Fund. She was an advisor to Paul Hawken’s “Drawdown”(published in April 2017) and has advised startups, banks and multinationals, while working with global CEOs and management teams in the food industry. Robyn is also the founder of Do Good, a strategic advisory firm, and AllergyKids Foundation, which serves the 1 in 3 children with allergies, asthma, ADHD and autism. Random House published Robyn’s book, The Unhealthy Truth, in 2009, and her TEDx talk has been viewed by millions and translated into multiple languages. She received her BA from Washington and Lee University, her MBA from Rice University on a full scholarship and also received a Fulbright fellowship.  She is an adjunct professor at Rice University and named after a farmer in New Zealand. You can learn more at and   

You can also find her on LinkedIn here.