From his acting role on the hit ABC series “thirtysomething”, through his various writing, producing and directing projects including GREY’S ANATOMY (for which he received a Golden Globe, an Emmy nomination and two DGA nominations), THE PHILANTHROPIST, AMERICAN ODYSSEY to his current project, NEW AMSTERDAM (on NBC), Peter Horton’s efforts have been motivated by a dogged attempt to impact social, ethical and moral change.

From the very first scene on television to depict two gay men in bed on “thirtysomething” to NEW AMSTERDAM, which by design deals with everything from racial profiling, gun control, health care in America to climate change, Horton has professed a diligent, persistent, patient, strategy for media’s impact on culture.

Horton has also written for the NY Times as well as an investigative piece for the LA Times on the death of GM’S first electric car, the EV1.