Meagan Fallone is an experienced entrepreneur who has successfully led for-profit and not-for profit organisations to scale, through a unique skill set grounded in design thinking. She has managed organisational change & transformation in mission driven organisations through human centric design, inclusive strategic planning processes, visionary partnerships and an exceptionally dynamic leadership style. A focus on developing talent and an eco system that drives innovative thought, results and positive risk taking, have been the hallmarks of her professional footprint.

Through her current role as CEO of Barefoot College and Founder & Director of Barefoot College International, a commitment to delivering Access to Energy for All and renewable energy solutions in “Last Mile” communities that meet both human and market needs are well documented. This unique multi dimensional focus on Technology Mastery, Enterprise & Empowerment Training for illiterate and semi literate women, coupled with a “public, private, people” approach to partnership; has allowed Barefoot College to reach 96 Countries in the Global South and expand its footprint with satellite colleges in 4 additional countries.

It has also created a resource platform that has increased the existing capacity of women sales agents to last mile communities through supporting For Profit Entrepreneurs such as Frontier Markets, to realise better sales outcomes and shareholder returns, by investing holistically in capacity building of rural women entrepreneurs.

Se has fostered an unparalleled eco system of entrepreneurial action at barefoot College such that environmentally sustainable for profit enterprises have been launched under the brand name B.Barefoot. Coffee and Honey are now active in three countries, Solar Hardware in 30 countries and the production of a Nutritional Supplement called Super 5, across 5 states in India with the highest rates of malnutrition.

Global collaborations with companies such as Apple, Credit Suisse, Oracle, Goldman Sachs, Hogan Lovels, and ENEL together with Multilateral partnerships for impact such as UNWOMEN, UNESCO, UNDP GEF Small Grants; have proven the far reaching impact Social Enterprise can have in building out ‘templates for scale’, able to be adopted by National and Local Government.