Jonah Gottlieb

Jonah Gottlieb, a 17-year old from Petaluma, California, is a political activist, organizer, and the Executive Youth Director of the National Children’s Campaign, a national, nonprofit organization that serves to amplify the voices of America’s children and youth and make sure that our nation’s political leaders prioritize the issues that matter to those who are too young to vote. He has worked with dozens of presidential candidates to empower young people to take action and get involved in politics. Jonah and the National Children’s Campaign are currently organizing the Children and Youth Presidential Forum on September 15 at American University.

Jonah is also the Digital Media Intern for Rep. Mike Thompson, a One Planet Living Youth Delegate and Captain, and the Co-Founder and President of Global Awareness, an organization within his local community aimed at increasing youth political involvement and educating the next generation of American voters. After wildfires devastated his community in northern California in the fall of 2017, Jonah became the Director of Schools for Climate Action, an initiative of the National Children’s Campaign that works with school boards, student councils, and other education-sector organizations to demand that Congress takes action to combat the climate crisis. He is particularly concerned with the tangible effects of natural disasters exacerbated by anthropogenic climate change on students and young people, such as housing insecurity, lung health, mental health issues, impact on education, and much more.