Jin has more than 17 years of experience working in high-concept restaurants, with a vast knowledge of various cuisines from French to Korean. Jin is the Culinary Director at the Boise Co-op, a sustainably-focused, community-owned grocer located in Boise, Idaho that sees annual revenues upwards of over 40 million. Jin is leading the food retailer into innovative, sustainable food initiatives focusing on transforming its dining experiences into a food destination that community members can count on for craveable meals made with local ingredients. Jin is a passionate sustainability activist and was named one of the world’s most sustainable chefs by Uproxx in 2016. He helped grow the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant, Bamboo Sushi, and has received numerous awards for his cooking expertise, including Iron Chef Portland.

Jin honed his culinary expertise working alongside great culinary talents like Bob Waggoner and James Beard-nominated Gregory Gourdet. He’s well known for his time as executive chef at Portland-based Sustainable Restaurant Group, where he built a reputation for creating unique dining experiences paired with innovative flavors.