Growing up a passionate sailor, Eamonn chose an early career path as a Royal Naval Officer pilot, studying at Britannia Royal Naval College. Following a colorful but undistinguished Naval career, he found himself in London in the late 80’s immersed in the early evolution of media strategy and management, a career that continues to fascinate him today. Throughout the last 29 years, Eamonn has worked for a combination of global media networks and digital start-ups, widely respected for his ability to simplify the complex with an infectious ability to bring teams along with him on those missions that capture his imagination. As a committed internationalist with a strong passion for exploring different geographies and cultures, Eamonn has travelled over 80 countries through his professional career.

In 2014, Eamonn finally left his MEC family of 10 years to lead The Guardian as CEO, North America. During his almost three year tenure, the Guardian tripled its audience and commercial revenues in North America. More importantly, he crafted an editorial led business strategy, focused on attracting client partners who’s values and practices married with those editorial values of this fiercely independent 200 year old news brand.

It was during his tenure at the Guardian that Eamonn drew inspiration from his many connections with individuals and NGOs passionately working for greater good. This inspiration led him to depart the Guardian in January 2017 to build a practice to help better connect leaders of progressive business with those who do good for the world. This practice is called FairShare. It’s as much a passion as a practice.