Terry O’Connor, MD

Dr Terry O’Connor is a board-certified emergency physician and emergency medical services director in Blaine County, Idaho, who helped lead the county’s Covid response. His insights on navigating the crisis are regularly sought by medical experts and local and national venues, from town meetings, to the Western Governors’ Association, to mainstream media including NPRThe New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, NBC Nightly News, and PBS Newshour. Dr. O’Connor is currently collaborating to launch some of the largest COVID-based antibody studies in the nation. He is a fellow in the inaugural Harvard Media and Medicine workgroup and is developing a narrative journalism series with his colleagues to share insights, perspectives and solution stories from providers on the frontlines of the Covid pandemic. 

Dr. O’Connor is based in Sun Valley, Idaho, but as a frequent traveller, he has continued to provide care in a wide range of austere environments: from the summit of Everest down to the coastal rain forests of Borneo. His contributions have been previously featured with National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.  He is an instructor for the University of Washington Emergency Medicine Residency program. In addition, he serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine for the University of Colorado, where he has joined a multidisciplinary group of scientists at the Consortium for Climate Change and Health.