Werner Morawitz is a former managing director of investments at Sun Valley Gold, LLC, a hedge fund affiliated with Tiger Management in New York, and former member of the investment team of Geologic Resource Partners, LLC, an independent fund spun out of a Sun Valley Gold joint venture. Previous to his 10 years in the hedge fund business, Werner was a physical oceanographer on the faculty of the University of Washington, researching topics related to climate change. He is a Dartmouth College alumni, received his PhD in Physical Oceanography from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and completed his post-doc from Scripps while working in Tasmania, Australia. In conducting extensive field work, Werner lived and worked with collaborators around the globe, including Indonesia, India, Norway, and Australia, as well as other far-flung locales. In transitioning from academia to investments, Werner spent 2 years working as a Product Manager at Qpass Inc., an e-commerce startup in Seattle, ultimately purchased by Amdocs. Werner’s experience in investment management, global environmental research, and technology, has led to his interest in profitable investment strategies that utilize innovative environmentally and socially responsible business practices as a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Werner has been coming to Sun Valley regularly since he was a child, learning to ski on Dollar Mountain, and it is here that he and his wife Laura have chosen to raise their three children.