In 1968, Jake Moe dropped out of the University of Washington and embarked upon a life of being a ‘ski bum’.

With $95.00 in his pocket, driving a 1955 broken down VW Bug, Moe ventured out into a Western Washington blizzard…destination Sun Valley, Idaho! During the ensuing three years, Moe worked as a Ski Patrolman, dishwasher, roof shoveler, cook, canary worker, painter and any other occupation that would provide the funds to ski in the Winter.

Then, one steely March day, Moe thought of an idea of starting a ski magazine…a magazine with a completely different approach than what the current magazines of the day presented. Told by the Publisher of the largest titles in the category, Skiing Magazine, that he would fail miserably, Moe used that challenge to make sure his new magazine, Powder, would be a success. Teamed with his brother Dave, the two Moe Boys launched what has become the most popular ski magazine in the world.

After selling Powder to Surfer Publications in 1981, Moe founded Sports Northwest, Inc. With this new entity, Moe was able to branch out to many different projects that included broadcasting, event production and publishing.

Within the broadcasting industry, Moe hosted and produced Ski Northwest, a TV show that featured all the Ski Resorts in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Washington and British Columbia. Additionally, Moe broadcasted the Snow Conditions for 60 Radio Stations Daily.

Within the event production industry, Moe produced running races, tennis events, ski races and triathlons, which led to being named on the Founding Board of Directors for the Triathlon Federation of America, the entity that brought triathlons to the Olympics.

Within the publishing sphere, Moe launched Norway.com Magazine in concert with the government of Norway. As part of that effort, Norway.com became one of the top tourism websites in the world.

After producing a successful series of tennis events, Moe was named the Marketing Chairman for the United States Tennis Association. Currently Moe, co-owns the Tennis Center Sand Point, an indoor tennis complex in Seattle with 4,000 members. Additionally, he conducts tennis clinics in Washington, Idaho, California and Florida.

Moe’s most famous quote is…if you aren’t having FUN, you are FIRED!