Daniel Elliott is a recognized leader in business development and strategy in the sustainable energy sector. Mr. Elliott is the CEO of Enerblu, a company specializing in high-power solutions for commercial and industrial applications, military and electrified commercial transportation. Mr. Elliott has worked globally identifying and commercializing leading edge technologies and has led corporate M&A transactions, capital raising, technology validation, lithium battery manufacturing plant construction, strategic partnership developments and other key activities associated with business success and growth. Mr. Elliott has worked with leading battery chemistries, photovoltaic and inverter systems for mobile and grid based systems. In 2008, Mr. Elliott advised President GW Bush on renewable energy for transportation, as he was the CEO of Phoenix Motorcars, a leading electric SUV manufacturing company identified by Fast Company Magazine as Number 3 in the Fast 50 for 2008. He has also won the Department of Energy, “Energy Innovators Award” for his work in rapid charging and high C rate battery technology commercialization. While CEO of Microvast, a high power advanced battery manufacturer, the company grew from 50 to over 1,100 employees and the production capacity increased from lab scale to 2GWh by constructing and commissioning the Phase-1 battery plant in China. Stemming from his travels and time living in Asia, Mr. Elliott developed a passion for creating sustainable business and commercializing technologies that add to the resiliency of our global environment.