A visionary, challenger, creative and champion for women, Cass Redstone has made it her mission to bring the American workplace into balance by co-founding Gender Smart.

Cass graduated from Fairhaven College in 1998 where she created her own interdisciplinary degree in sustainability, film, and American studies. She has spent her career finding the connective tissue between people, ideas and solutions.

Cass began her career running her own visual storytelling business for brands such as AT&T, Starbucks, Toyota and Microsoft. As a creative professional, Cass drew on the power of empathy to gain the trust of business leaders and find the authentic story behind their companies. Her clients depended on her to connect to their consumers on a human level over shared values and aspirations.

Starting in 2015, Cass committed to reinventing the methods that made her own business successful to deliver solutions focused on sustainable, far-reaching impacts for women in the workplace. Via Gender Smart, her non-judgmental, inclusive approach helps transition businesses into enterprises that are innovative, empathetic and powerful.