2015 FORUM

The Institute hosted its inaugural Sun Valley Forum on Resilience on July 12-13, 2015 with keynote speaker U.S. Senator Cory A. Booker.

Around the world, resilience is rightly receiving increased attention from individuals, businesses, cities, and nations. The very aspects that make the Sun Valley area so special—its relative isolation, its high-desert climate, and its major economic driver being recreation and tourism—also leave the region vulnerable from an economic, energy and environmental standpoint. In partnership with leading foundations, academic institutions, corporations and nonprofits, the Institute brings together local and global resources and expertise to strengthen the area’s ability to bounce back from harm to the local economy, whether from wildfires, poor snowfall or global economic conditions, and to serve as a global resource to increase resilience far beyond.

Through partnerships with leading foundations, corporations, academic institutions, and others, the Institute is combining local investments with global resources and expertise to serve as a center for collaboration and learning, for convening, delivering impact locally and globally. The first annual Sun Valley Forum brought together global and local resilience leaders to inspire, inform and take action with keynote speaker U.S. Senator Cory A. Booker and speakers from the Caprock Group, the Idaho National Laboratory, the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute on Sustainability at Arizona State University, National Wildlife Federation, NRG, Overseas Investment Corporation, Rockefeller Foundation, Rolling Stone, SolarCity and Sonen Capital. If you missed it, you may learn about innovative public-private partnerships, business models and investment opportunities from the event videos below.

If you missed it, you may view videos of the Forum online:

Keynote by U.S. Senator Cory A. Booker with Institute Executive Director, Aimée Christensen
Opening Panel: Why Resilience?
Plenary Panel: Investing for Resilience
Plenary Panel: Strategies for Resilience
Closing Plenary Panel: Local Investment Opportunities

Keynote by U.S. Senator Cory A. Booker with Institute Executive Director, Aimee Christensen

U.S. Senator Cory A. Booker opened the first annual Sun Valley Forum on Resilience with a keynote address on July 12, followed by panel discussions and lunch, afternoon presentations and discussions and a closing reception. Senator Booker shared his insights on resilience from his experience as U.S. Senator and as Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, including rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy and catalyzing an economic resurgence in Newark. Senator Booker attended Yale Law School and Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, played football as a tight end for Stanford University. He’s also known for his use of technology to directly engage constituents and improve government responsiveness to its citizens.

Opening Panel: Why Resilience?

Leaders around the world are prioritizing resilience. Learn why resilience is so critical for business, government, infrastructure and universities, and how resilience can become a great opportunity for the Wood River Valley, for Idaho, and far beyond.

Introduction: Wendolyn Holland, Author of Sun Valley: An Extraordinary History and Harry Griffith, Executive Director, Sun Valley Economic Development and Peter Horton, Pico Creek Productions and SVIR Advisory Board

Moderator: Jeff Goodell, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone
Nancy Kete, Managing Director, The Rockefeller Foundation
Gary Dirks, Director, Global Institute of Sustainability, ASU
Brent Stacey, Associate Laboratory Director for National Homeland Security, Idaho
National Laboratory
Steve McBee, President & CEO, NRG Home
Jeffery Sayer, Director, Idaho Department of Commerce

Plenary Panel: Investing for Resilience

Resilience requires investment, whether in infrastructure or new businesses: what are the kinds of investments attracting financing and why? How can local investment dollars be mobilized for resilience?

Moderator: Werner Morawitz, SVIR Board of Directors
Brooks Preston, Vice President of Investment Funds, Overseas Private Investment Corporation and SVIR Advisory Board
Marco Krapels, Senior Vice President of Strategy, SolarCity
John Chlebowski, Lead Director, NRG Yield, Inc. and SVIR Advisory Board
Jennifer Leonard, Vice President, Impact Investing, The CAPROCK Group
Rosalie Sheehy Cates, Senior Adviser, Philanthropy Northwest
Michael Shuman, Author of The Local Economy Solution

Closing Plenary Panel: Local Investment Opportunities

How can resilience improve local quality of life while strengthening the Wood River Valley economy and presenting great investment opportunities?

Moderator: Rick LeFaivre, SVIR Board of Directors
Overview of Impact Investment: Ali Long, Local Food Alliance and SVIR Board Member
Deal #1 Idaho’s Bounty: Ian Jameson, Director, American Capital Advisory
Deal #2 Solar for Businesses: Billy Mann, Founder, Sagebrush Solar and SVIR Advisory Board
Deal #3 Nonprofit Resilience: Jason Fry, CEO, Executive Director, Wood River Community YMCA
Deal #4 Cross-Sectoral Impact: Ali Long